Wilson Industries launches Hydralux

After two years of development with an overseas partner, Wilson Hot Water has released a new imported thermal storage vessel called Hydralux Thermal Storage into the Australian market.

“Standout quality at an understated price,” says the company, “Hydralux offers high-quality, high-performance thermal storage with Australian electrical and watermark approvals.

“Our vessels are manufactured from Duplex 2205 stainless steel, designed for ease of installation and endorsed by Wilson Hot Water – a leading Australian customised hot water provider for over 85 years.”

Other features of the Hydralux Thermal Storage vessel include polyurethane foam insulation, painted metal outer case, 6 x 50mm, 2 x 25mm fittings (1 x 25mm for PTR), and 28mm diameter heat exchange coils with large surface areas and 32mm fittings on the heat exchange coils.

The Hydralux vessels also boast thermowell pockets, a 3.0kW element standard on coil tanks, and a maximum working pressure of 700kPa.

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