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Air Balancing and Water Balancing – open for review

AIRAH has released two draft revisions of Design Application manuals for public review. They are DA24 Water Balancing – A Systems Approach, and a new manual called DA04 Air Balancing – A Systems Approach.

The Application Manuals have been designed to provide a complete overview of air and water balancing and testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB), including a broad understanding of the fundamental science as well as an appreciation of the systems approach and perspective to TAB.

The manuals also address the issues around implementing water balancing procedures in hydronic distribution systems, and implementing air balancing procedures in air distribution systems.

These documents have been prepared to provide commissioning technicians with practical knowledge to help them test, adjust and balance water and air systems.

The TAB of HVAC equipment during the commissioning process ensures that plant and equipment are adjusted, and set correctly to create the design operating conditions.

TAB for HVAC systems is a highly specialised process and must be performed by a suitably qualified technician.

The manuals are open for comment until December 3.


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