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AS 5389 open for comment

The draft standard AS 5389 Space heating and cooling and ventilation systems – Calculation of energy and comfort performance is open for comment until November 22.

According to Standards Australia, the Standard intends to outline a method for calculating energy consumption and determining the comfort performance of space heating and cooling systems as well as ventilator systems. The draft standard uses a combination of test results for component performance, mathematical models of representative buildings, and parameters for comfort conditions.

The draft of AS 5389 includes methodologies for calculating annual purchased energy use, calculating displaced purchased energy relative to reference heating and cooling devices, and methodologies for determining comfort performance.

The method is applicable to products capable of space heating, cooling, or both; with or without sanitary water heating; and products capable of temperature and/or humidity controlled ventilation or heat exchange between zones of the building.

This standard applies to:

  • Desiccant-based space heating and cooling systems
  • Solar air heating systems
  • Occupied space and roof ventilator systems
  • Evaporative cooling systems.

The public comment stage of the standards development process allows anyone with an interest to provide feedback on what a draft standard looks like. Manufacturers, installers, and consumers are all advised to look into what AS 5389 means for them and if there is anything in the standard that needs to be changed or improved.

The standard is available for comment and download here.

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