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Consultation on “smart” demand response

The Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council has drafted a Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) for certain electrical appliances to be demand-response capable.

The South Australian Government is leading the consultation under the Energy Equipment Efficiency (E3) Program.

The consultation paper re-examined and updated the modelling that was undertaken in 2013/14, quantifying energy network peak cost savings and considering additional benefits that were not within the scope of the previous work.

The proposed changes would require that all air conditioners, electric storage water heaters, pool pump controllers and electric vehicle chargers that are supplied or offered for supply would have to comply with the full range of demand response modes (DRMs) in either the relevant part of AS/NZS 4755 Part 3 or AS 4755.2.

Feedback on the consultation paper is open until 5pm on September 23. Please click here to read more.

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