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GBCA releases scope 3 discussion paper

The Green Building Council of Australia has released a discussion paper on scope 3 emissions and is seeking feedback from industry professionals.

The paper:

  • Reviews the various scope 3 emissions frameworks and standards currently available, and assesses how they apply to financial reporting
  • Demonstrates how project-level analysis can apply to financial reporting
  • Provides a common interpretation and approach to scope 3 categories relevant to the real estate sector, as well as an interpretation of minimum boundaries, to help companies understand which activities they should account for in their scope 3 reporting.

The GBCA is specifically seeking contribution to the discussion about reporting on scope 3 emissions for the real estate sector. Feedback on this discussion paper will help the GBCA develop a guidance document for reporting scope 3 emissions in the Australian real estate sector.

You can access the discussion paper and provide feedback via the GBCA website.

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