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Government seeks input on improving energy performance

Consultation is now open on the National Energy Performance Strategy, which the federal government says will focus on easing pressure on energy bills, improving energy reliability and reducing emissions.

The government has acknowledged there is much work to be done in this area – an assessment confirmed by international reviews. Australia was declared a “loser” in the most recent Climate Change Performance Index (CPPI), ranking 59 out of 64 countries for energy performance per capita.

“After almost a decade of delay and neglect, Australia is lagging behind our international partners,” said Assistant Minister for Climate Change and Energy Jenny McAllister.

“But with national leadership we can grasp the opportunities ahead of us for homes, business and industry.”

Speaking at a recent event in Canberra, McAllister indicated that the National Energy Performance plan is intended to fill the gaps in federal policy and create a structure for coming reforms. The strategy forms part of a $15.2 million investment over four years to provide a framework for action.

McAllister also noted that the government is aware that the built environment offers low-hanging fruit for reducing emissions, and is eager to hear from industry experts about where efforts should be focused.

The consultation paper is seeking views on issues including:

  • Governance
  • Energy-efficiency targets
  • Residential, commercial and industrial sectors
  • Supply chains and the workforce.

Although energy efficiency is a key concern of the consultation, the government is taking a broad view of energy, and is interested in both the demand and supply sides – hence the term “energy performance”.

The National Energy Performance Strategy discussion paper is available on the Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water Consultation Hub.

Responses to the discussion paper should be submitted by February 3, 2023.

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