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Introducing stand-alone ventilation systems

The European Commission has released an online consultation on the possible introduction of the inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems in Europe.

Stand-alone ventilation systems are defined as ventilation systems whose sole function is to ventilate a building. Inspections can be considered a way to improve the performance of ventilation systems.

Article 19a of the EPBD Directive 2018/844/EU requires the European Commission to conduct a feasibility study to identify the need, possibilities and timeline for introducing EU provisions related to the following two new aspects:

  • The inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems
  • An optional building renovation passport.

The part of the study that concerns the inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems includes an overview of the stock of ventilation systems installed in Europe and related technological trends, and a review of mandatory and voluntary inspection schemes of ventilation systems in buildings, at EU and national levels.

Based on this, the study will assess the relevance, feasibility, timing and overall impacts of introducing EU provisions (legislative or non-legislative) for the inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems in buildings. Possible provisions could, for example, include the development or improvement of technical standards, the establishment of guidelines and practices, or the introduction of regular inspection requirements for stand-alone ventilation systems.

Industry stakeholders – including those in Australia – are invited to contribute their knowledge and expertise in the survey by April 15. Another survey is also running about building renovation passports as part of the feasibility study. Please click here to read more.

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