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New policy for building engineering contractors

The Western Australian government is seeking feedback on a draft management and supervision policy that will apply to registered engineers in the state.

Under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 (WA), building engineering contractors must have arrangements in place to ensure the proficient management and supervision of both their business and the building engineering work they undertake. Building engineering contractors cannot contract out of or assign to a third party their responsibility to ensure the building engineering work they undertake is managed and supervised in a proficient manner.

When applying for or renewing registration, building engineering contractors must confirm that they will manage and supervise building engineering services in a proficient manner; they have knowledge of their obligations and will ensure compliance with the Building Act 2011 and the Building Regulations 2012; and they have knowledge of the minimum standards of the NCC that relate to the scope of the engineering work undertaken.

For partnership and company building engineering contractors that intend to provide building engineering work in multiple prescribed areas (mechanical, fire safety, structural or civil), arrangements must also be in place to ensure the works will be managed and supervised by appropriately qualified and registered building engineering practitioners.

The draft policy sets out the criteria against which building engineering contractors must assess their arrangements in place to manage and supervise building engineering work before making their declaration on the application forms.

Public comments can be submitted until March 22, 2024 through the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website.

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