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NT developing climate change strategy

The Northern Territory government has released a discussion paper titled Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Opportunities in the Northern Territory. As part of an eight-week public consultation process, targeted stakeholder consultations are taking place across the Northern Territory in the form of sectoral and bilateral meetings.

The objectives of the stakeholder meetings are to reignite the conversation from the previous Northern Territory Climate Change Policy and to seek input from industry, government and the community to develop a Northern Territory Climate Change Strategy.

On October 23, a Built Environment sectoral meeting was held at the Northern Australia Development Office in Darwin. Attendees included representatives of building, real estate, urban and infrastructure planning and building management in the Northern Territory.

Some of the key comments from the meeting included a greater need for energy efficiency, appropriate building design principles for the NT and supportive policies, the need for increased awareness among residents and business challenges for outdoor workers in the construction industry.

The Northern Territory government will publicly release a summary of the key comments from all meetings online after the end of the consultation period. The feedback and comments from the public will be used to inform the Draft Climate Change Strategy, which is planned for release for further public consultation in early 2019.

The Northern Territory government has stated that it is clear from the consultation meetings that climate change is an important issue for the sector.


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