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Victoria to revise energy upgrades program

The Victorian government is seeking input to update two incentives available under the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program: space heating and cooling, and water heating.

The VEU program households access discounted energy efficient products and services. This is done through accredited providers who operate across the state.

As well as equipment such as low-flow showerheads, draught sealing and lighting, the VEU program also provides subsidies for replacing major appliances such as hot water systems and heating.

According to the Victorian government, since 2009, the program has supported over 1.8 million households and over 100,000 businesses to upgrade appliances and equipment.

The two activities under review are for space heating and cooling, and water heating. Issues papers are available with more information on the proposed updates, including:

  • New activities that incentivise the replacement of gas space heating appliances with reverse-cycle air conditioners, or gas water heaters with solar electric or heat pump water heaters
  • Allowing products registered to the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (Air Conditioners up to 65kW) Determination 2019 (GEMS 2019 Determination) to be installed under the VEU program
  • Introducing new greenhouse gas abatement calculations to align with the new measures for heating and cooling energy efficiency used in the GEMS 2019 Determination.
  • Introducing a threshold on the global warming potential of refrigerants used in products installed under the program
  • Revisions to allow for solar electric and heat pump water heaters modelled to AS/NZS 4234:2021.

Submissions may be made until August 1, 2022.

To provide input on these consultations, click here.

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