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WA: Air-handling and water systems regulation review

The Department of Health (DOH) is reviewing the Health (Air-handling and Water Systems) Regulations 1994. Since the Public Health Act 2016 was introduced, the Air-handling Regulations must be reviewed and either repealed or replaced with new regulations.

The focus of this review is to obtain feedback on the most effective option for managing the public health risks associated with commercial air-handling, (e.g., cooling towers) and warm water systems in Western Australia. If systems are not maintained correctly they can cause outbreaks of Legionnaires’ Disease or Pontiac Fever.

The DOH has prepared an options paper entitled “Air-handling and water systems review” examining four options for Western Australia:

  • Option A: Enable the industry to self-regulate by providing an industry guideline or Code of Practice
  • Option B: Retain the status quo by making equivalent regulations under the Public Health Act with minimal changes
  • Option C: Develop new regulations to manage this public health risk, with building requirements addressed by the National Construction Code
  • Option D: Manage this public health risk under Occupational Safety and Health legislation.

The survey is available to take here. Please read the discussion paper prior to completing the survey.


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