Hitachi Zone Controller

Hitachi has introduced Zone Controller, a proprietary solution equipped with a built-in 24V transformer to complement its ducted line-up. According to the company, the system improves user comfort and allows for greater energy savings. Zone Controller offers control of up to eight zones individually, connection of up to five temperature sensors with sensor assignment and […]

Public comment

New minimum standards for large AC

New greenhouse and energy minimum standards (GEMS) have been drafted for air conditioners above 65kW. They are open for public comment. There are currently no minimum energy efficiency requirements under the Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Act for air conditioners over 65kW capacity to be sold in Australia. There are, however, requirements in the National […]


AC in your pocket

A Sony-affiliated startup has announced the Reon Pocket, a small Bluetooth device that can fit into a pocket and will cool and heat the wearer. Other companies and research teams are working on bringing heating and cooling to a wearable level, but the Reon Pocket looks like the first such product that could break into […]

Events and conferences

Simulation technology and CFD

The South Australian chapter of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), in collaboration with IFE, IHEA, IPEA and AMCA, is presenting a session on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in Adelaide on Thursday, July 18. “Do you know how simulation technology has the ability to investigate many flow challenges which can introduce light into […]

News Products

MHIAA scores gold for design

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioners Australia (MHIAA) has been recognised at the 61st annual Good Design Awards ceremony. The Avanti Plus split system air conditioner received a prestigious gold accolade in the product design category for outstanding design and innovation. “With the rise in electricity costs and awareness around climate change, along with many air conditioners […]

Saarbrücken research team

The future of AC and heating?

A research team at Germany’s Saarland University has developed a prototype device that can transfer heat using “muscles” made from nickel-titanium. Nickel-titanium is a shape-memory material that releases heat to its surroundings when it is mechanically loaded in its superelastic state. It absorbs heat from its surroundings when it is unloaded. The team, led by […]

Events and conferences

‘Transformation’ coming for chillers and large AC

A “transformation” is on the way for chillers and large air conditioning systems. That’s the message from the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing Association (AREMA) and the Air Conditioning Mechanical Contractors Association (AMCA), who together have organised a seminar series to help the Australian HVAC&R industry come to grips with these changes. Named Future:Air, […]