AC testing standards ‘inadequate’, says RMI

With the world predicted to soon face the hottest year on record, clean energy not-for-profit the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) has highlighted the need for better air conditioning testing standards and performance ratings. According to RMI, today’s testing standards and performance ratings are more aligned with the climate profiles of the global north, which experience […]


AC based on air-cooled photovoltaic-thermal system

Scientists in China claim to have developed a photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) air conditioning system that uses an air-cooled condenser and a PV/T condenser combined in series. The research was published recently in Applied Thermal Energy, a technical journal. Researchers from Hebei University of Technology say they have designed the photovoltaic-thermal air conditioning system, whose novelty arises from using […]


UNEP looks to the sea for a cool change in Egypt

The International Energy Agency states that cooling technology creates more than 7 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In Egypt during summer, approximately half of the country’s electricity goes towards air conditioning. Temperatures can hit 40°C and remain in the high thirties throughout the season, especially in cities experiencing the urban heat island […]


Humidity a major factor in emissions from cooling

Scientists from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Xerox PARC have released a study exploring the environmental impact of controlling humidity. The research first appeared in the journal Joule, titled “Humidity’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions from air conditioning”. While studies on air conditioners and greenhouse gases have been compiled before, this is the […]


Daikin releases AirHub Touch Zone Controller

Designed in Australia, Daikin’s AirHub Touch Zone Controller has been developed to give homeowners more flexible temperature control. “With the typical home divided into separate areas or ‘zones’,” says Daikin, “it makes sense to only air condition zones that are occupied, and switch off unoccupied zones. When used in conjunction with a Daikin Premium Inverter […]