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Bringing the Australian air filter standard up to speed

Standards Australia has started with implementation of ISO 16890, bringing the Australian Standard for air filters used in general ventilation and air conditioning in line with world’s best practice. Part 1 of the standard is now out for public comment, and can be accessed via the Standards Australia website. According to Daniel McCaffrey, M.AIRAH from […]


Pacific Ventilation introduces virucidal AHU air filters

Pacific Ventilation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Systemair AB Group Sweden, a global ventilation company, and Deltrian, a leading Belgian filter manufacturer, have joined forces to launch a new generation of virucidal filters for air handling units (AHUs). Pacific Ventilation says the DELTRI+ filters are Eurovent certified and contain advanced plasma technology capable of neutralising […]


Aeris Environmental develops filter treatment spray

Australian company Aeris Environmental has developed a new polymer coating for HVAC filters designed to prevent the spread of airborne viruses, including COVID-19. Aeris Guard Bioactive Filter Treatment contains a readily biodegradable active biocide that the company says kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 on the polymer coating. “A single application […]


AFPRO delivers HQ85 A+ bag filter

The HQ85 A+ bag filter from AFPRO Filters is designed for use in air treatment cabinets, air conditioning systems, public areas, and as a pre-filter in cleanrooms and the pharmaceuticals industry. Made from both polymer and glass fibres, the unit’s medium structure are assembled in a galvanised steel or aluminium frame. “Although these filters will […]


Expert advice on air filtration

The extensive suite of Design Application (DA) manuals published by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating (AIRAH) is receiving some important updates. To keep up with changes in the sector, AIRAH and its network of expert members periodically update the DA manuals and publish new editions. The latest of these is DA15 […]


True BLU air filters from Airepure

Australian air-filtration expert Airepure has released two new air filters for commercial HVAC systems: the BLU Hybrid 100 and 300. According to the company, the hybrid filter media is synthetic with humidity and microbial resistant properties, making the products suitable for humid, tropical and coastal areas. “Featuring a unique three-layer filter media design that effectively […]