Queensland will adopt licensing reforms when “fully ready”

The Queensland government has indicated it will be working with the Commonwealth to resolve issues around automatic mutual recognition before adopting the reforms, due to take effect on July 1 around Australia. “The Queensland government is supportive of improving occupational mobility to support economic recovery, but not at any cost,” says the government. “It is […]

Legislation Updates

Next step for national licensing system

The Australian government has introduced the Mutual Recognition Amendment Bill 2021 to the House of Representatives. If it passes through parliament, it will see a new system for automatic mutual recognition (AMR) of occupational registration beginning on July 1, 2021. The legislation will allow workers with occupational licences who are registered for an occupation in […]

Legislation Updates

Cross-border licensing scheme open for comment

The federal government has taken the next step towards automatic mutual recognition of occupational licences across states and territories by releasing draft legislation for public comment. Automatic mutual recognition (AMR) will allow a person who is licenced or registered for an occupation in one jurisdiction to perform the same activities in another, without having to […]