Reliable Controls upgrades RC-RemoteAccess

In 2016 Reliable Controls released RC-RemoteAccess, a BACnet virtual private network (B/VPN) software solution designed to harden BACnet building automation networks and protect them from malicious actors. “Not only did it protect systems from threats, but also it was effortless to use and implement,” Reliable says. Now, with the release of software version 3.6.1, RC-RemoteAccess […]


Dwyer adds options to transmitter

Dwyer Instruments has announced that its Series MSX Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter now has optional BACnet and Modbus communications, available immediately for use in building control applications. This option is selectable for the MSX under the optional feature designated as -COM. The option allows the MSX to communicate via selectable Modbus or BACnet communication.  Dwyer says […]


Airtek announces CO ventilation system

Airtek has announced the release of its CO ventilation product. The company specialises in building automation systems and control systems, using BACnet protocol that is BTL tested and approved. Airtek says the challenge was to produce an uncomplicated solution that would still be informative and cost effective. “The introduction of a multi-page, colour touch screen with […]