Condair shares advice on making buildings healthier

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a rethink on the risks posed by viral transmission in buildings. Fresh air, temperature, minimum relative humidity and even sunlight are gaining greater attention as factors that can control the spread of viruses. Humidity specialist Condair has released a white paper entitled “Making buildings healthier” that provides an overview of […]


Condair expands dehumidifier range

Humidity control specialist Condair has extended its dehumidifier range to include more desiccant models, wall- and ceiling-mounted systems, and units that control temperature as well as humidity. The Condair DA desiccant dehumidifier range includes capacities from 0.6 to 182 L/Hr (@20°C/60%RH) from its standard models with customised units able to meet larger drying requirement. Units […]


Can humidity improve productivity?

Condair has produced a free guide about improving productivity in food manufacturing with better humidity management. The water content of food can effect its appearance, taste, weight and quality. Managing the water content allows food manufacturers to maximise their yield and maintain product quality. Benefits from controlling air humidity include reduced evaporative losses, extended shelf […]


Hats off to HVAC&R

Next time someone asks for an example of HVAC&R in our lives, you can now point to an Australian icon – the Akubra hat. Akubra recently installed a JetSpray humidification system from Condair to humidify its forming area. This contributes to the finish on the rabbit fur felt during the manufacturing process, and helps ensure […]

Condair Configure
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Condair design flair

Condair Configure is a web-based humidifier selection tool that lets customers design a humidification system from within the company’s own in-house air handling unit (AHU) design software.   The software allows manufacturers to design and quote AHUs with a humidification element without needing to liaise directly with a Condair sales engineer.   The system is connected to Condair’s in-house product selection software, so it is constantly updated.   Features include humidity load […]