Days of R404A are numbered

High-GWP refrigerants may soon be in short supply and rising in price as stockpiles dwindle, international pressures hit our shores, and the HFC phase-down quotas start to bite. And according to experts at AIRAH’s Refrigeration 2022 conference this week, that means it’s time for contractors to urgently switch away from R404A. When the HFC phase-down […]


A.G. Coombs issues advice on commercial HVAC refrigerants

A.G. Coombs has produced an update on its advice about refrigerant use for commercial HVAC systems. “As the world grapples with rising temperatures caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, refrigerants are under renewed scrutiny,” A.G. Coombs says. “Common refrigerants are classified as greenhouse gases, which can be hundreds or even a thousand times worse […]


Does R134a alternative hold promise for Australia?

US refrigerant manufacturer Koura has launched R456A, an alternative to R134a for automotive aftermarket applications. R456A has a global warming potential of 626 – about half that of R134a. According to Koura, trials have shown R456A to be compatible with existing R134a automotive air conditioning systems while maintaining “high-quality, efficient performance”. The development comes as […]

Legislation Updates

Government eyes ban on high-GWP air conditioners

The Ozone and Climate Protection Section of the Australian Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is seeking industry input on a proposal to limit the import and manufacture of small air conditioning units using high global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. The approach would ban the import and manufacture of small air conditioning units using […]