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Roadmap to safe and quality insulation

The governments of New South Wales and Victoria, along with Insulation Australasia (IA) and the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ) are developing an industry-led roadmap to ensure that insulation is installed in Australia in a manner that is safe and delivers quality outcomes. The project team consists of the Energy Efficiency Council […]


Kingspan appoints Ductus for KoolDuct distribution

Insulation specialist Kingspan has announced Ductus as its new national distribution partner for KoolDuct. “The phenolic based KoolDuct insulation board, produced in our Somerton, Victoria, facility, is a real game-changer for the HVAC market, and we are excited to make it more readily available to Australian consumers through our new partnership with Ductus,” says Kingspan […]

Education News

Better building sealing

A new series of videos has been released to help builders and homeowners get a handle on making more airtight buildings for better health, comfort, durability, and energy efficiency. “Two topics that often get overlooked in Australian construction are air tightness and insulation completeness,” says John Konstantakopoulos, Affil.AIRAH, from Effiency Matrix. Konstantakopoulos says Australian standards […]

Legislation Updates

Fire compliance changes for soffit insulation

Insulation Australasia has circulated a statement alerting the industry to changes around fire compliance for soffit insulation in the new National Construction Code (NCC), adopted on May 1. “Soffit insulation manufacturers and building practitioners are alerted to the end of the concession period for acceptable demonstration of group numbers for building linings as required by the National […]


New corrosion-free piping solution

GF Piping Systems has released Cool-Fit 2.0, a new pre-insulated piping system for chilled water applications in commercial HVAC&R, building and process industries. The PE100 pipes and fittings are insulated with 22mm of high density polyurethane (PUR) foam and protected with a jacket. “Cool-Fit 2.0 is the corrosion- and condensation-free solution for the transport of […]