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Cooling solution doubles as installation art

The Panasonic Corporation, in collaboration with Obuchi Laboratory from Advanced Design Studies at the Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering of the University of Tokyo (T_ADS Obuchi Lab), has conducted a field test to assess the effectiveness of its Green AC Flex innovation both as an outdoor air cooling solution and as installation art. […]


New appointment at SHASE

The Society of Heating, Air-Conditioning and Sanitary Engineers of Japan (SHASE) has appointed Masayuki Otsuka as its newest President. As an organisation, SHASE represents the heating, air conditioning and sanitary engineering sectors in Japan and has over 15,000 members. SHASE has more than 90 committees whose major activities include research and investigation. They aim to […]


AC in your pocket

A Sony-affiliated startup has announced the Reon Pocket, a small Bluetooth device that can fit into a pocket and will cool and heat the wearer. Other companies and research teams are working on bringing heating and cooling to a wearable level, but the Reon Pocket looks like the first such product that could break into […]