NSW Health issues Legionella warning as state reopens

NSW Health is reminding building owners, occupiers, and the water treatment industry of their responsibility to ensure that cooling water systems are maintained effectively in accordance with the Public Health Regulation 2012. “Businesses reopening their premises during the easing of COVID-19 restrictions should pay particular attention to ensuring their cooling water system servicing regimen is […]


Legionnaires’ cases highlight risk for restarting buildings

As more workers return to their offices, businesses in NSW and Victoria have been warned about the risks of Legionnaires’ disease in hibernating buildings. Several Legionnaires’ disease cases have been notified to NSW Health, representatives of which have visited different areas of Sydney. “Cooling water systems can be a source of Legionella bacteria that cause […]

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Disinfectant said to kill Legionella in less than 30 seconds

Jenfitch Inc. has announced the release of JC 9465, a new sodium oxychloride disinfectant that purportedly can kill Legionella in less than 30 seconds. JC 9465 is a new formulation that generates a high concentration of hydroxyl radical ions that, according to the company, effectively oxidises the biofilm that supports and protects Legionella in the […]


Legionnaires’ warning for Perth

The Western Australia government is reminding building managers to maintain cooling towers and flush other water systems that may not have had regular use recently – including showers, emergency eye baths, spas, fountains and ice machines – to prevent Legionnaires’ disease. The warnings follow five cases of Legionnaires’ disease notified to the Department of Health […]

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New regs for air-handling and water systems in WA

The Western Australian Department of Health (DOH) has prepared a second discussion paper to explore new regulations around air-handling and water systems. In May 2019 the DOH released a discussion paper for public consultation to investigate the most effective option for managing the potential public health risks associated with air-handling and water distribution systems to […]


Legionella on the rise in Sydney

As governments begin easing COVID-19 restrictions, the NSW Ministry of Health (NSW Health) has issued a reminder that building owners and occupiers have a legal obligation to ensure air conditioning cooling towers are properly maintained, to reduce the risk of Legionnaires’ disease. “There has been an increase in cases of Legionnaires’ disease across the Sydney […]


Legionella outbreak in Melbourne

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has identified four confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease involving individuals who have spent time in the Brunswick area in Melbourne, including Sydney Road. All cases have required treatment in hospital. All had symptoms commencing in February and March 2020. Particularly because of the current focus on […]

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Legislation Updates Public Comment

Health and Wellbeing regs up for review

The Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 are scheduled to expire in December 2019 after 10 years of operation. New regulations have now been drafted, along with a regulatory impact statement (RIS). According to A.G. Coombs’ strategic development director Bryon Price, F.AIRAH, the primary area of interest for buildings and facilities relates to the […]