New 570s smart manifold from testo

Measurement specialist testo has launched a new digital manifold, designed to detect and highlight system anomalies through long-term measurements and smart diagnosis. “For long-term measurements, error analysis is often time-consuming, and yet anomalies frequently remain undetected,” says Testo. “This is exactly what is different with new testo 570s. The Smart App takes over the analysis […]


Testo launches new range of compact instruments

Testo has launched a range of compact new measuring instruments into the Australian market. Testo says smooth and energy-efficient operation of air conditioning and ventilation systems can only be ensured by regular measurements of the relevant parameters. “With the new compact measuring instruments testo 417, testo 416 and testo 425, flow and volume flow measurement […]

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A deep dive into refrigeration systems

AIRAH is hosting a Technology Talk webinar on Thursday, June 30 about refrigeration systems. The session will include an onsite live demonstration streamed to the audience. Owner of Freeze Point Refrigeration, Morty Al Mandalawy, will present information on: The impact of system superheat versus evaporator superheat How the refrigeration system should be evacuated correctly How […]


Testo launches 560i digital refrigerant scale

Testo is claiming a “world first” with the release of its 560i digital refrigerant scale. “The new Testo 560i refrigerant scale with intelligent valve and patented algorithm makes charging refrigeration systems and heat pumps easier and more precise than ever before,” says the company. “Different target parameters can be specified: superheating, subcooling or weight of […]


Testo releases new thermal imager testo 883

Measuring technology supplier Testo has released its thermal imager testo 883. “This thermal imager, which offers the best image quality and automatic image management, was developed and manufactured entirely in Germany, and greatly reduces the day-to-day workload of those who specialise in the efficient operation of plants,” the company says. The testo 883 thermal imager […]

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Kirby Apprentice Fund celebrates first birthday

On World Refrigeration Day in June, the Kirby Apprentice Fund celebrated its first anniversary. The fund accumulated $6,065 in donations with 83 HVAC&R apprentices registered across 63 companies. The fundraising efforts made by Kirby staff, customers and suppliers CPS, Supercool Group, Testo, Fieldpiece, HLP Controls, Danfoss, Emerson, Tesuco, Sauermann, VetoProPak and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, have […]


Testo 400 arrives in Australia

Testo has launched a new range of indoor air quality (IAQ) instruments on the Australian market: the 400 series. “Testo’s 400 solution is an all-encompassing answer to airflow and IAQ questions,” says the company. “It combines smart technology, intuitive user features and diverse applicability in one sophisticated instrument.” Probes are designed so they can be […]