Concerns grow over IAQ in Australian schools

A recent RMIT research project has highlighted the poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in some Victorian classrooms, and added to concerns around ventilation in Australian schools in general. Given their developmental stage and the amount of time they spend in the classroom, school children are particularly vulnerable to poor air quality. According to the report, […]


Reliable Controls adds VOC sensors

The MACH-ProView controllers, SMART-Sensor and SMART-Sensor Electronic Paper Display (EPD) devices from Reliable Controls are now available with an optional volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor that provides air quality measurement relevant to the comfort and health of building occupants. Reliable Controls describes VOC as a complementary measurement to CO2 that detects a wide array of […]


Plants and IAQ: an ongoing debate

Late last year, doubts were cast over whether plants actually improve indoor air quality (IAQ) after new research was published in Nature’s Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology. Ronald Wood PhD, BSc, from Innovative Plant Technology, has taken issue with the study in an article published in Ecolibrium. He says that a “literature review with […]