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Pilot program for women in construction

The Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC), with assistance from the NSW government’s Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program (IIP) grant, has launched the ASBEC Women in Construction Future Leaders Pilot. The pilot seeks to promote gender diversity within the construction sector to create lasting transformative change. “Increasing leadership and participation of women in Australia’s […]


Workplace amenities creating barriers for women

A new report titled Nowhere to go has highlighted the issues women in the trade sector face finding workplace amenities. The report highlights that women in male-dominated industries are often provided with inadequate amenities. “Ensuring workplace amenities and in particular, workplace toilets, are regularly serviced, accessible, suitable, and open should be a priority for every […]


Discrimination in the construction industry

A new report has revealed that women working in trades and semi-skilled roles in construction experience high rates of discrimination. The Victorian government commissioned the report from RMIT as part of its Women in Construction Strategy, which aims to increase participation of women in the construction industry. The study found that women perceive a lack of acceptance […]