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ACT seeks input on electrification plan

The ACT government is seeking input on its Integrated Energy Plan to guide the energy transition away from gas to renewable energy.

“The ACT continues to lead the world in taking action on climate change,” says the ACT government. “We are set to become the first Australian jurisdiction to be powered exclusively by renewable energy, by 2045. However, with fossil fuel gas accounting for over 20 per cent of the ACT emissions and transport accounting for 60 per cent, there is still a long way to go.”

In August 2022, the ACT government released the “Our Pathway to Electrification” Position Paper, which outlined why the ACT is transitioning away from fossil fuel gas and provided a proposed pathway to get there.

The Integrated Energy Plan (IEP) will set out that pathway, providing a clear strategy for how the ACT will transform its energy systems to:

  • Secure an affordable and sustainable energy future
  • Support a fair and equitable transition to net zero emissions from fossil fuel energy over the next two decades.

This includes how the ACT will transition away from fossil fuel gas use, and ensure a reliable and affordable energy system. It will be a plan for how the ACT engages and supports energy consumers and establishes collaborative partnerships to deliver on these objectives.

As well as seeking comment from the Canberra community, the ACT government is particularly keen to receive input from industry experts.

Consultation on the ACT’s Integrated Energy Plan is open until September 12, 2023 through the YourSay website.

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