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Camfil moves to new Melbourne HQ

Camfil Australia has relocated its head office to a larger, more modern office space as part of the company’s strategic growth plan. The new 4,655m2 office is situated off the Dandenong Bypass in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs, a location Camfil says will be convenient for both staff and clients.

Camfil says the new office will offer more space and cater better to the team’s needs. It also contains double the warehouse space of the company’s previous Australian HQ.

A standout feature of the new office is the integration of Camfil’s own energy-efficient, advanced air filtration systems. These systems are designed to ensure clean air and optimal working conditions for all employees, aligning with Camfil’s core values of sustainability and employee well-being.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new headquarters, a testament to our commitment to our customers and to provide a conducive work environment for our team,” says Jonathan Bunge, Managing Director of Camfil Australia. “This relocation marks a significant milestone in our journey towards continued success and innovation.”

Camfil will have a “chief airgonomics officer” working at the office to monitor indoor air quality for employees. The building contains Camfil’s own HVAC system, which the company says is energy-efficient and offers advanced filtration.

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