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Daikin opens cutting-edge facility in Brisbane

Daikin Australia has officially opened Daikin Park Brisbane, a cutting-edge centre located in Murarrie, Queensland.

The park encompasses a range of features and initiatives aimed at optimising logistics, promoting sustainability, and enhancing customer experience.

“The centrepiece is the implementation of the Manhattan Warehouse Management System, providing a comprehensive logistics solution for efficient fulfillment and dispatch operations of finished goods and spare parts throughout Queensland,” the company says.

“With a total size of 13,609m2, the site includes a warehouse, Daikin Trade Centre, training academy, showroom, and Queensland Sales Office, serving as a hub to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.”

The company says the new facility also demonstrates Daikin’s commitment to sustainability, and has been designed to the highest ratings in NABERS, WELL, and Green Star.

“The integration of an energy-efficient heat recovery VRV air conditioning system stands out as a prominent feature, showcasing Daikin’s dedication to reducing environmental impact,” says Daikin.

“Indoor environment quality was key for our staff comfort levels, so we doubled the minimum outside air quantity, minimised glare and added 380 indoor plants.”

The facility also includes electric vehicle charging stations, a 320kW solar system, solar hot water systems, and 40,000L of rainwater harvesting tanks for water conservation.

With four inbound and nine outbound docks, the new facility has the capacity to handle 1.2 million units and 15,000 truckloads each year.

“The facility will manage approximately 700,000m3 of outbound freight annually and has prominent exposure to daily traffic flow of over 100,000 vehicles on the Gateway Motorway,” says Daikin. “It has advanced racking and storage infrastructure, providing efficient operations with 9,780 pallet spaces, 40 bays of duct storage, and 4,000 small parts locations.

“The storage capacity is 23,000m3, and the steel racking system supports 150 tonnes. The distinguishing features include advanced IT infrastructure, encompassing wireless scanning guns, reliable connectivity with multiple access points, and paperless operations.”

Daikin Australia Managing Director Isao Tsumura, Affil.AIRAH, says the company is thrilled to unveil the park.

“It is an exemplar of technological advancement, sustainability, and customer-centricity, and represents a significant milestone in Daikin’s commitment to delivering exceptional products, services, and facilities that positively impact the Brisbane community,” he says.

“Daikin is very proud to open this outstanding facility. The technological capability will provide improved service for our Queensland customers and the sustainability measures will help us achieve our net zero target by 2050.

“The site is a great workspace for our Brisbane team.”  

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