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Lifting HVAC&R standards in PNG

The Papua New Guinea Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association (PNGRACA) has signed a memorandum of agreement with the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) to promote good practices in the country’s HVAC&R sector.

Under the 25-year agreement, PNGRACA will assist with regulations, laws and licensing of the industry standards, and increasing and improving the training and expertise of future apprentices and tradespeople.

“We have to ensure that licensed technicians and their companies are following the rules and guidelines set out by CEPA and PNGRACA in our bid to make our mark in global warming issues and provide to industry and people a safe environment to work in,” says PNGRACA president Daniel Geoghegan, Affil.AIRAH.

CEPA’s Manager for Infrastructure, Utilities and Conventions Veari Kula, says the agreement is aimed at improving compliance with rules and standards.

“The Association stands to promote enhanced standards in the refrigeration trade which is crucial in this modern era where cooling is essential to sustain food security, health vaccine quality and air conditioning in our cars, homes, offices, and even the data centres that run our internet.”

The agreement is also intended to help in the process of phasing out HCFCs, due to finish in 2025.

“We hope to seen a change following the signing of the MoA with PNGRACA,” says CEPA’s National Ozone Officer Anita Poesi, “not only on industry compliance but to elevate industry HVAC&R standards in PNG.”

The PNGRACA will be officially launched in Port Moresby on November 8. The event will incorporate a trade expo for local and overseas industry stakeholders.

For more information about the association and the launch event, contact PNGRACA.

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