Romilly Madew

Madew moves to Infrastructure Australia

After 13 years at the helm of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), Romilly Madew will be stepping down and moving to a new role as CEO of Infrastructure Australia – an independent statutory body that conducts research on significant infrastructure projects to provide advice to government, investors and owners.

“Romilly has driven a sustainable building movement that has changed the shape of our communities and cities,” says GBCA Chair Rod Fehring.

“She has built the GBCA’s global reputation as an influential advocate and change agent. Under Romilly’s stewardship, the GBCA has become a trusted advisor to government, and a global leader among the 70-strong green building council network.”

When Madew joined the GBCA in 2006, only a handful of projects had achieved Green Star ratings. Today, there are in excess of 2,250. More than 37 per cent of Australia’s office space is Green Star-certified and 6 per cent of Australia’s workforce uses a sustainable office on a daily basis. Upwards of 1.3 million people visit a Green Star-rated shopping centre each day and 48,000 live in Green Star-rated apartments.

In 2017, Madew was awarded the 2017 World Green Building Council Chairman’s Award for her contribution to a sustainable built environment. This followed several other high-profile awards, including the 2015 International Leadership Award from the US Green Building Council.

“Behind these statistics and recognition lie Romilly’s incredible level of dedication, passion and enthusiasm for the built environment, and for a better Australia,” says Fehring. “She leaves the GBCA in a very strong position, and we look forward to working with Romilly as she makes a lasting impression on infrastructure and development in this country.”

Madew says she is “proud of the GBCA’s leadership in supporting collaboration across the property industry to deliver more productive, sustainable cities and communities”. She points to the influence of the GBCA beyond the commercial office sector to sustainable infrastructure such as Green Star-rated airports, hospitals, train stations, and major urban renewal projects.

Madew’s new role ties in with her profile as an advocate for integrated strategic planning in cities and infrastructure. She was past-Deputy President of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council, and member of numerous federal and state government ministerial panels.

The GBCA Board has begun the executive search process for a new CEO. If required, Jonathan Cartledge, Head of Public Affairs and Membership, will step in as Interim CEO following Madew’s departure in late March, until a new CEO begins. Madew has indicated that she with work closely with Cartledge until his departure to ensure a smooth transition.

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