NABERS launches emission factors database

The National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) has launched its national emission factors database for measuring the embodied carbon of buildings in Australia. The resource will integrate with the highly anticipated NABERS embodied carbon tool, which is currently in its pilot phase.

NABERS says the database will play a crucial role in providing consistency across reporting on embodied carbon emissions in the built environment. 

What you can access

  1. The database: a comprehensive list of emission factors for building materials used in construction projects across Australia, including for building services in different building types. These factors will serve as defaults when calculating a NABERS embodied carbon rating where environmental product declarations are unavailable. Anyone can use the database to carry out embodied carbon calculations. 
  2. Technical documentation: Industry professionals can access detailed technical information, as well as explanations of the assumptions that underpin the database. This documentation covers calculations performed at a material sub-category level, ensuring transparency and accuracy. 
  3. List of environmental product declarations (EPDs): NABERS has published the list of EPDs it used to develop the emission factors alongside the database. 

How to access the files 

You can explore the national emission factors database and learn more about the NABERS embodied carbon tool via the NABERS website

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