NABERS on the march

NABERS’ FY22 annual report has confirmed a positive outlook for the successful ratings system, with more customers, more non-mandated ratings, and tools for more sectors.

Growth in the NABERS platform was seen across the board. There were increases in Shopping Centre ratings (12.5 per cent), Waste for Offices ratings (72 per cent), Carbon Neutral ratings (81 per cent), Indoor Environment ratings (34 per cent), and in voluntary/non-mandatory ratings (12.5 per cent). Overall, 14 per cent of customers were new to NABERS.

Rating tools for warehouses and cold storage were developed during the financial year, with further tools under development for schools and retail stores. The NABERS Waste verification tool was also expanded into a wider range of sectors, including corrective services, data centres, hotels and apartments.

NABERS has grown its international footprint, with the first office building certified under the NABERS UK rating tool. NABERS Energy for Offices ratings grew by 81 per cent in New Zealand, while a new international guide, Energy efficiency in commercial buildings, was released.

A 10-building pilot of the new Renewable Energy Indicator was undertaken as a first step to encourage and reward electrification. Work also began on a new national framework for embodied carbon, to provide a collective platform for robust, long-term and large-scale reduction of embodied emissions.

NABERS Director Carlos Flores, M.AIRAH, says the year has “laid the foundations for an industry moving towards decarbonisation at speed and scale”.

“Next year we can move further and faster than we did last year,” he says. “We look forward to stepping up the pace together.”

The annual report is available online at the NABERS website.

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