New guide on moisture control

AIRAH is releasing the latest design application (DA) manual into its stable of technical publications in August: DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings.

The purpose of the manual is to specify performance-based design criteria for predicting, mitigating, or reducing moisture damage to the building envelope, materials, components, systems, and furnishings, depending on climate, construction type, and HVAC system operation. It is an industry benchmark by which to assess FV6 and V2.4.7 condensation management in NCC 2019.

Although the majority of new buildings are safe, comfortable, and designed to provide effective protection against moisture-related problems, there are a certain number of buildings built each year that do experience moisture or mould problems.

Whether this number is now increasing and whether the increase is due to the greater emphasis on energy-efficiency measures today is a widely debated topic.

The guide has been developed from ASHRAE 160, which is an American voluntary consensus standard developed under the auspices of ASHRAE.

It is designed for engineers, architects and contractors, equipment owners, operators and specifiers to provide guidance on how to best design buildings with adequate moisture control features.

AIRAH will also be hosting a webinar about moisture control guidelines with Jesse Clarke, M.AIRAH, on Thursday, August 27. Registrations are open here.

DA07 Criteria for Moisture Control Design Analysis in Buildings is available for pre-order on the AIRAH website until August 17. More information about the manual can be found here.

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