NSW government targets women in trades

The NSW government plans to invest more than $20 million over three years to attract more women into the construction industry, hoping to see women in 15 per cent of trade and non-traditional roles by 2030.

The Women in Construction Industry Innovation Program (IIP) is a grant funding initiative that aims to deliver projects aligned with the government’s Women in Construction Strategy.  
The IIP provides grant funding for eligible NSW construction organisations to support industry initiatives that will encourage women in the construction industry. This includes the creation of inclusive workplace cultures, increasing the number of women entering and staying in the industry, and supporting female leadership and female employees. 

Eligible NSW construction organisations can apply for up to $300,000 under the first round of the program. Applications close Wednesday, March 15 at 2pm.  

More broadly, the Women in Construction Strategy will focus on removing obstacles that prevent women from entering the construction industry and implementing reforms to create safe and inclusive workplaces.

The strategy will also promote the benefits and opportunities of construction careers to women, while focusing on the creation of easy and clear pathways for women to apply, enter and progress. This will be followed up by active support and case management to retain women in the industry.

Finally, the strategy aims to keep government and industry accountable in achieving the goal of 15 per cent women in construction by 2030.

Image by Mikael Blomkvist via Pexels.

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