Techstreet and Standards Australia

Standards Australia partners with Techstreet

Techstreet has entered into an agreement with Standards Australia to become a distributor of Standards Australia’s content.

Earlier this year, Standards Australia announced it was looking to expand its options for distributing content, after a court ruled that SAI Global would no longer have exclusive rights.

Techstreet positions itself as a “technical information superstore” and offers instant access to over 500,000 industry codes and standards from around the world. These include ISO and ASHRAE codes and standards.

Under the new agreement, Techstreet will become an additional distributor of Standards Australia’s content, including Australian standards and other technical documents (such as ISO and IEC materials).

Users will be able to access Standards Australia content through a new webstore and through a subscription service to Techstreet Enterprise, Techstreet’s standards management platform.

Standards Australia’s chairman Richard Brooks says the organisation explored a number of Australian and global publishers and distributors before appointing Clarivate’s Techstreet as a new partner.

“This is an exciting step in improving access to Australian Standards,” he says. “Improving how we distribute our content ensures we serve our public purpose – to help industries work safely, sustainably and more effectively.”

Specific details of the changes will be outlined in coming weeks, including how to access the new webstore.


Image: Standards Australia’s Adam Stingemore (left) and Techstreet’s Jeroen Prinsen

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