Johnson Controls acquires Gordon Brothers Industries

Johnson Controls has announced it will acquire Gordon Brothers Industries (GBI), an Australian solutions provider of industrial refrigeration system design, construction, services and parts.

The addition is intended to strengthen Johnson Controls’ growth in the region and beyond.

“The acquisition of GBI is one that ensures that Australian businesses are served by the best technology,” says Anu Rathninde, president, Asia Pacific, Johnson Controls.

“As a leader in industrial refrigeration solutions in Australia, GBI represents a strong strategic fit for Johnson Controls, as we look to create value for our local stakeholders and customers.”

Johnson Controls says that the acquisition will give customers an expanded product and services mix with more offerings and coverage for local services and installations, including a range of energy-efficient products using low and ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.

GBI’s team will be trained to design and engineer, select, and price Johnson Controls equipment for its industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems. Its technology team will also undergo specialised training in installation, commission, and service of Johnson Controls’ products.

“This acquisition is a major step forward for Gordon Brothers and our customers,” says GBI Managing Director Keith McLean, M.AIRAH.

“Joining forces adds to the business’ competitive advantage by tapping on Johnson Controls’ connected service capability to GBI’s overall portfolio. This will allow us to offer an even wider range of high-quality products and services and provide customers the support they need to achieve their business and sustainability goals.”

Founded in 1917, GBI provides industrial refrigeration solutions for a wide range of industries including convenience foods, dairy, distribution centres, gas and chemical, beverage, brewery, cold storage, confectionery, meat processing, mine cooling, pharmaceutical, and seafood It also specialises in low-charge ammonia refrigerant systems, incorporating both low and ultra-low GWP refrigerants.

Johnson Controls has been in Australia since 1965. The company expects the acquisition to considerably expand localised assembly capacity in food and beverage, mining, and new energy markets, while adding substantial capability to GBI’s existing offerings. Going forward, the business will comprise four new divisions: York Process Systems, Gas Compression, Navy, and Sustainability.

Image courtesy of Gordon Brothers Industries.

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