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Government survey on pair coil issues

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW) is conducting a survey to investigate issues with pair coil.

There have been reports of ant nesting and corrosion problems with pair coils, resulting in the leaking of refrigerant.

DCCEEW notes that under consumer guarantee law this issue could be costing businesses time and money to rectify complications associated with leaking pair coils.

“In addition, leaked refrigerant gases can impact the upper atmosphere for up to 30 years,” says DCCEEW. “These emissions have a negative impact on the environment and human health.”

Potential factors related to pair coil issues may include environmental factors, changes to installation practices, and possible design differences between air conditioning systems.

The department’s recently established Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Steering Committee is seeking to support industry to identify whether there is an issue with pair coils via a survey. The survey asks professionals in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector to provide information on the circumstances of any pair coil issues encountered.

To complete the survey, click here.

5 Replies to “Government survey on pair coil issues

  1. The photo indicates a poor installation. Unstablised PVC should not be exposed to direct sunlight/UV
    The copper will be exposed to Chlorine, water and other chemicals in the insulation when in heat pump mode accelerating any corrosion.
    Not surprised there are leaks. Start Looking for the cause of copper corrosion, not the symptoms.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly with this comment. This is a maintenance issue however pir coil does need to improve in insulating the pipe work and prevention of moisture around copper pipe work that makes this corrosive solution.
      The installation practices here are not acceptable and most likely installed by install technicians that have not done an apprenticeship or full training. The acceptance of other trades to cross skill into parts of the Airconditioning industry need to be tightened to prevent these and other installation practices that cause this action.
      We did an apprenticeship for a reason, installers can’t replicate that training within a month of night school to become a licenced installer.
      Just as airconditioning technicians who have completed a full apprenticeship in Airconditioning and refrigeration can’t become licensed electricians or plumbers without undertaking a full apprenticeship.
      It is time for AIRAH , TAFE and the industry through Arctik to stop this from happening to airconditioning installations.

  2. HI there we have Had over 10 cases of this and usually just over a year. all were supplied from the same supplier. and they want nothing to do with it. Does copper not have a life span.

    1. Hi please reach out to me as iv 10 of these aswell on past year
      What brand copper and where abouts are you from? I think I know the characteristics of the jobs it’s coming from

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