Panasonic fits out ‘dream home’ with Z Series

Panasonic recently partnered with DIY renovators Roisin and Zac Tarrant to install a Premium Z Series Reverse Cycle R32 Wall Split System in their holiday home in Toowoomba, Queensland.

Panasonic says the Z Series, which incorporates its Cloud Comfort App, allows the Tarrants to remotely control their air conditioning system ahead of their guests’ arrival.

The system also includes nanoeX air purification technology, which Panasonic says provides optimal air quality and purification, and an AI-powered ECO mode, designed to auto-adjust to optimise efficiency.

With the average summer temperature nearing 30°C in Toowoomba, the Tarrants say they have always prioritised air conditioning solutions that deliver reliability and comfort. They decided to install five Premium Z Series units.

According to Panasonic, the Comfort Cloud feature allows the couple to adjust temperature quickly and easily in every room, monitor energy consumption, and change modes from a mobile device via the Panasonic Comfort Cloud App, delivering a tailored level of control.

“It is so convenient,” says Zac Tarrant. “We can ensure the house is temperature controlled for a guest’s arrival without having to run it all day in the lead up to check-in. We can also ensure that the air conditioning is not wasting unnecessary power by switching it off if a unit is accidentally left on by a guest.”

Panasonic says the Z Series units deliver significant improvements to energy efficiency, reducing a customer’s environmental footprint with the AI-powered ECO mode, which auto-adjusts to the optimal ECO level based on heat load conditions and air conditioning cooling capacity. The Inverter Control feature, meanwhile, varies the rotation speed of the compressor to provide higher energy savings.

As pet owners, the Tarrants’ also wanted good air quality and purification in their dream home. Panasonic says its Z Series integrates the brand’s revolutionary nanoeX air purification technology, which actively inhibits common indoor pollutants from viruses to allergens including mould, creating a fresher, healthier and more comfortable living environment, even while no one is in the home.

“The air purification capability of nanoeX actively cleans the air and surfaces within a room,” says Panasonic. “It uses OH radicals encapsulated in water to inhibit micro-organisms – including up to 99 per cent of bacteria and viruses, as well as inhibiting mould, allergens and pollen and reducing odours. It can be operated even when cooling or heating is not switched on.”

The Premium Z Series also integrates in-built wi-fi and voice control.

The Tarrants say they were impressed with the seamlessness of installation – all five units were fully installed in one day.

“The installation was great!” says Roisin Tarrant. “We had some specific walls we wanted to have the units mounted on … and it was no problem at all. The units are really sleek and … super quiet, and work quickly to cool the spaces.”

Panasonic Australia Product Marketing Manager, Air Conditioning Reggie Lam, Affil.AIRAH, says a split system is far less invasive to the structure of a home than a ducted system.

“A split system is more easily installed because no roof ducting needs to be installed in the roof,” he says. “Even better, a multi-split system means fewer outdoor units are needed, as multiple indoor units can be run off the single outdoor multi-split unit.”

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