Bigger chiller from Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls has extended the capacity range of its York YZ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller to include chillers beyond 3,516kW, now up to 4,747kW of refrigeration.

The unit has already won the 2019 AHR Innovation Award in the Cooling Category, and Johnson Controls hopes to push the bar even higher by expanding the chiller’s capacity.

The York YZ Chiller uses an integral, variable speed drive and advanced magnetic bearing technology with a single moving assembly suspended in a magnetic field. According to Johnson Controls, this technology requires 80 per cent fewer moving parts than traditional oil or refrigerant-lubricated drivelines, delivering enhanced reliability, reduced maintenance and improved efficiency.

“The YZ Chiller is a groundbreaking advancement in engineering that was built on decades of industry-leading chiller experience,” says Johnson Control’s Laura Wand.

“Our engineers challenged themselves to re-imagine what a next-generation chiller could be, and the result was a system that is fully optimised for ultimate performance. We’re thrilled to build on the success of the chiller and expand the line’s capacity.”

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