iZone brings smarts to climate control

Australian company iZone is offering advanced air conditioning solutions featuring smart device controls and unique control algorithms that are designed to maximise efficiency and minimise costs.

“Thanks to the emergence of smart technology, climate control systems have come a long way, but not all systems are created equal,” says iZone.

“Regulating a home’s heating and cooling with maximum efficiency and minimal costs, all depends on the level of control engineered into the system. With greater control comes increased comfort, lower running costs and an extremely secure system.”

According to iZone, a system with a floating sensor is the most efficient way of controlling different temperatures in different zones. The floating sensor constantly monitors all the sensors in the home to see which sensor should be the controlling sensor. As the temperatures in zones change, the controlling sensor hops from zone to zone. Once zone set-points have been reached, any excess air is bypassed into the return air bypass damper, helping the system to cycle more effectively.

iZone says that having an in-duct supply air sensor adds another level of control and efficiency.

“Installing this into the path of the fan coil in the supply air starter will allow the temperature of the air in the duct to be measured,” says the company. “This then allows a zone damper to open, so any remaining hot or cold air in the supply air duct can be used, rather than having to restart the machine.”

Other features highlighted by iZone include a bypass damper to improve comfort and control, auto fan control, and economy mode.

“The best climate control systems should be capable of delivering precise climate control, greater energy efficiency and improved comfort all year round,” says iZone.

“The technology seen in today’s home climate control systems can help save time, money and the planet; and finally put an end to consumers wrestling with temperature settings in order to achieve the perfect room climate.”

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